How to order custom size units

See the message below for instructions on ordering custom sized units.

When looking at the website, all the products have a three-digit number in the title.

You can make a list of your dimensions, next to that, let us know the three-digit number of the product you're looking for in that size and we can get you a quote put together.


#008 -  Width 18" X Depth 23" 

#012- Width 15 5/8" X Depth 23"

As far as measuring goes..

When measuring the width, on a single door cabinet, but the inside of the door hinge, and measure over to the opposite side of the opening.

You're trying to measure the narrowest part of the opening.

On double door cabinets, measure in between both door hinges.

If you want to gain an extra 1/2"- 3/4" you can measure the opening of the face frame without the door hinges, but you'll have to take the door hinges off when you install the units.


Please provide us with the exact measurement and we will make the necessary adjustments to fit your cabinet.

All our units are standard 22" deep, so just verify your cabinet depth is at least that.

If installing in bathroom cabinets, be aware they are usually 18"-20" deep, so please let me know that detail.

If going near a cooktop or on an island, make sure there are no obstructions, gas lines, electrical boxes, etc.


 Please enter custom order information into message box below.