Single Slide-Out Drawers & Shelves

Our slide-out shelving unit will include all 1 drawer, pre-assembled to a framework. This framework will retro fit into any existing cabinet.

Our single pull-out drawers eliminate the need for side mounting in your cabinets.

The innovative framework slides effortlessly into the cabinet opening, securing with just four screws to the bottom of the cabinet. This simple installation process ensures a sturdy and reliable fit.

Why choose ICS? All our single sliding drawers are dovetailed and handcrafted from 9-ply Baltic birch, featuring a durable UV clear finish and heavy-duty full extension guides. Each cabinet drawer is designed to maximize your storage space and enhance accessibility, making your kitchen more organized and functional. Manufactured at our shop in Conroe, TX, our products ensure top-notch quality and reliability.

It couldn't be easier, installation takes less than 5 minutes!

We offer both standard and custom-sized single cabinet drawers to fit any cabinet in your home.

Unlock your cabinet's storage potential by adding slide out shelving or slide out drawers to any of your cabinets!

Always have access to all your things!

Slide out your way to convenience with Interior Cabinet Solution's slide out shelving and drawers.