Slide out wine rack #023

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Keep all of your bottles, cups, shot glasses, bottle openers, and all your other drinking accessories in your new pull out! 
Stop taking up counter space
Unlock your cabinets storage potential!
Always have access to your items in the back of the cabinet

Single wine rack holds 6 bottles
Double wine rack holds 12 bottles
Triple wine rack holds 18 bottles
  • When measuring the width, on a single door cabinet, but the inside of the door hinge, and measure over to the opposite side of the opening.

    You're trying to measure the narrowest part of the opening.

    On double door cabinets, measure in between both door hinges.

  • If installing in bathroom cabinets, be aware they are usually 18"-20" deep, so please let me know that detail.

    If going near a cooktop or on an island, make sure there are no obstructions, gas lines, electrical boxes, etc.

  • Width - 17.5"
  • (Make sure your cabinet opening is at least 1/8" larger than slide out unit.) 
  • Unit Height = 19"
  • Unit Depth = 22"
  • Installing slide out drawers and shelving has never been so easy!
  • Save space and stay organized with your new custom pull shelf or drawer.
  • This unit will arrive fully assembled, ready to slide into your cabinet opening!
  • The unit will fasten to the bottom of your cabinet with 4 screws.
  • All of our drawers are handcrafted from 7 ply Baltic birch.
  • All drawers and shelves come with a very durable UV clear finish
  • We only use heavy duty full extension guides 100lbs capacity, and there is no extra charge, we want to bring value and quality to your home!